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In order to create the most successful website for your project its important to have a clear understanding of the project, define the goals, expectations and who the target audience is. This is facilitated by creating a comprehensive web design profile via the answers you provide below.

Please set aside enough time to complete this form as accurately and fully as possible. Once form is submitted and reviewed we will set up a time to go over it and answer any questions that you may have.


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Knowing what your expectations are is paramount to a well-crafted and effective website. There are many reasons to have a website and the first step to designing or redesigning a website is to clearly define the goals of the website. This may seem really simple but it is crucial to have these goals defined before making plans to develop a web project. You can’t hit your target if you haven’t clearly defined it.

What event initiated this website design project?
 Site for a new business. Site for a new product. Site for new service. Redesign an existing site.

If project needed in connection to an upcoming event or business opportunity what is date of event?
enter YYYY-MM-DD format (i.e. 2014-07-31)

What's your main goal(s) for the website?

What value should website provide to visitors of your site?

How will success be measured?


Identifying your business' target market (audience) is very important to the its success. It is very difficult to proactively take steps to connect with potential customers without a clear understanding of who is likely to be interested in the products offered by your company. By defining the basic characteristics of a given target market will facilitate a site design that fully engages your audience.

What are the target markets?
 Consumers Small/Medium Business

 Males Females Both

Age range(s)?
 13-17 18-25 26-39 40-49 50-64 65-up

What do you know about them?

What best describes their present knowledge of your business?
 None Inaccurate Little Fair Informed

What best describes their present attitude about your business?
 Unknown None established Positive Negative Indifferent

Are there any proven jargon and/or professional buzzwords that influence your audience?

Interest groupings/ targeted demographic?
(Specify any industry, professional affiliations, socioeconomic, marital status, ethnic considerations,etc.)


The aspects of user experience design ensure improved usability of your website. Proper website user experience insures the focus of attention is on improving the visitor’s interaction with the website and enhancing the usability and effectiveness quotient of the site.

After reviewing the website what should the audience know?

After reviewing the website what should the audience think?

After reviewing the website what should the audience feel?

After reviewing the website what should the audience do? Call-to-action?


The most important component of successful website is relevant content.

What key message(s) should be highlighted?

Editorially, what images typify or define your business, services, and/or products?

Do you have images to provide for legal use on the website?
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Do you have logos to provide for use on the website?
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Do you have any documents that should be referenced, uploaded or linked to on website?
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Do you have any related content uploaded to any video service (such as YouTube or Vimeo)?
 No Yes

Are you affiliated with any professional organization related to your type of business that has a seal or logo that should be used on the site?
 No Yes

Are you and/or your business credentialed in any way that should be observed on the site?
 No Yes

Are there any professional or related links that should be used on the site?
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Are there competitor websites that you can share that deliver their content in a way that you admire?
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Do you prefer clients contact via phone, direct email or email submissions via web form?
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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the method of structuring a webpages so that it is indexed, found, and read by search engines, like Google and Yahoo, in the most effective (optimal) way. This insures the content of your web site is optimally visible, attractive, and relevant to search engines and online searchers.

How will you help audience find your site?

What prompts audience to search for services you offer?

What search keywords and phrases are associated with your profession and services?

Geographically, where is the audience you're intending to reach located?
(Specify city or state or region)

Who are your competitors?
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