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Why Responsive Web Design Matters Taking websites to the next level and beyond

Years ago it was virtually impossible to have one website that would display and work across multiple devices. In order to have a properly displayed website for mobile phone and desktop users required two separate sites. Over the last few years, there’s been an explosion of different devices, such as tablets, readers, smartphones, and touchscreens, to access the internet. Additionally, all these devices use various operating systems and internet browsers. How many versions of one website is needed to work across these differing platforms? How does one develop one website that will work across all these design-to-device challenges?

Today the answer is Responsive Web Design or RWD. Simply put, Responsive Web Design is a web design approach that creates and develops sites to provide an optimal viewing experience with easy reading, adaptable navigation and best presentation across a wide spectrum of devices. Here at The DJ Design Studio, being an early adopter of RWD into my client’s sites made sense as it adheres to my smart design-ability approach: professional, meaningful and affordable.

Responsive websites are impressive to business and consumers alike because it keeps in sync with society’s continual adoption of new device technology and ways to access the internet. Allowing visitors to your access your website from wherever they choose to do so is meaningful and insures you don’t lose a single prospect or customer due to site inaccessibility. And finally, RWD integration is a priceless asset to any smart web owner concerned about the benefits of user experience (UX)….plus its affordable!

Always A Work in Progress Cuz' there's always room for growth

My worst and most picky client is (thankfully) myself.

So after a couple of months in the design hatch, I’ve finally published the new and improved site for The DJ Design Studio! Of course I love the newly designed site but its definitely been a “process”.

The goal for the new site was to streamline, reinforce my brand and incorporate some value added functionality, like now being able to pay for projects online. I really wanted to get rid of all the “fluff” and really concentrate and focus on what I do well. Additionally over the past five years my brand has been consistently aligned with client satisfaction so it was important to highlight that attributes by incorporating the testimonials of my clients. The reason I haven’t had the need to do any advertising is because my clients are talking….and referring me all over town and beyond. But one thing I’ve heard many times is “can I pay online?”. The answer was always ‘yes’ but now its even easier than ever to pay deposits and open invoices. Clients request, I listen!

The DJ Design Studio’s website will always be a work in progress because there’s always room for improvement and growth. However the level of service and quality of design and products that DJDS provides will always remain stellar.

Is there something you think, as a viewer of The DJ Design Studio’s site, that will improve your web experience? If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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