DJ’s Designability Motto: Professional. Meaningful. Affordable Image Retouching.

Image Refining Services Subtle Changes with Striking Results!

$30 per individual

Wedding Photo retouchingDJDS specializes in professional retouching and enhancement of portrait images with natural appearing results. DJ can improve skin texture and condition, remove wrinkles and blemishes, embolden eyelashes, emphasize/enhance eyes, enhance and reshape lips, remove hair strings from face, whiten teeth, etc.  Also apply or remove make-up, change color tone of skin and eyes, smooth/even skin texture.

DJDS provides expert photo enhancement of your portrait images…insuring that you look your best YOU in every photo, every time. Great for model and actor portfolio, business head-shots, advertisement photos, profile images for websites and social media, photo gifts and more! Most importantly, the results are subtle and natural-appearing yet striking!

Fixes the flaws in the majority of most photos which typically include dark areas under the eyes, dull teeth and eyes, facial blemishes, wrinkles and scars. Also included at no additional charge, is the DJDS VIP Treatment which removes double-chins; slims or reshapes face, reduces frown/increases smile, changing color or vibrancy of hair, eyes, skin or makeup. Overall, makes you look and appear more alert, friendly and youthful.

Works great for all genders, races and skin tones.

Retouch Work Examples

All the images in this gallery were shot by professional photographers and styled by top hair stylists. The DJ Design Studio then prepped the images with Image Refining services. Refined images were used in a series of web and print publications and media.   Click any image to enlarge.

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