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Great Repurposing Ideas You’ll Love

Get Repurposing!

Old footwear as unique planters

Kitchen shredder as a earring holder.

Drink glasses as herb pots.

Use clothes pins as towel holders.

Discarded bathtub becomes garden seating.

Tackle boxes become awesome wall hangings and storage.

Hangers become great page keepers.

Piano is now a one-of-a-kind bookcase.

On previous blogs I’ve discussed in detail my affinity for two things: design and re-purposing. For those new to DJDS, re-purposing is using an item for a secondary purpose. Specifically items that you already have around the house that you’ve already used for the intended purpose. For instance instead of throwing away used candle jars with lids, I clean them out and reuse them for travelariums.

Also, a good friend introduce me to the idea of taking an old door, refinishing it and turning it into a fantastic table. I think the reason I love that “outside the box’ thinking is because it really jump-starts my creative juices.

The images shown are some wonderful repurposing ideas I’ve discovered along the way that I’m glad to share with you. Speaking of sharing, don’t forget to share these wonderful ideas with your Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus networks using the Share This Post option at the bottom of this post.

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