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Why Responsive Web Design Matters Taking websites to the next level and beyond

Years ago it was virtually impossible to have one website that would display and work across multiple devices. In order to have a properly displayed website for mobile phone and desktop users required two separate sites. Over the last few years, there’s been an explosion of different devices, such as tablets, readers, smartphones, and touchscreens, to access the internet. Additionally, all these devices use various operating systems and internet browsers. How many versions of one website is needed to work across these differing platforms? How does one develop one website that will work across all these design-to-device challenges?

Today the answer is Responsive Web Design or RWD. Simply put, Responsive Web Design is a web design approach that creates and develops sites to provide an optimal viewing experience with easy reading, adaptable navigation and best presentation across a wide spectrum of devices. Here at The DJ Design Studio, being an early adopter of RWD into my client’s sites made sense as it adheres to my smart design-ability approach: professional, meaningful and affordable.

Responsive websites are impressive to business and consumers alike because it keeps in sync with society’s continual adoption of new device technology and ways to access the internet. Allowing visitors to your access your website from wherever they choose to do so is meaningful and insures you don’t lose a single prospect or customer due to site inaccessibility. And finally, RWD integration is a priceless asset to any smart web owner concerned about the benefits of user experience (UX)….plus its affordable!

As you may be aware due to recent media coverage Heartbleed (more details at is a security vulnerability in OpenSSL, a popular data encryption library. This could allow hackers with knowledge of the exploit to access data found in the server’s memory. Most of Bravehost infrastructure was not using that version, the exception being Bravehost mailservers.

As soon as the Heartbleed exploit hit the news, engineers updated Bravehost version of OpenSSL to close this vulnerability, as well as replaced Bravehost SSL Certificates.

If you are a webmail user, to ensure the security of your credentials, DJDS and Bravehost recommend all mail clients update their Bravehost email account passwords.

Update your Bravehost email account password by following the directions below:

While logged into webmail , click on Settings at the top right of the page, then on Change password.

On previous blogs I’ve discussed in detail my affinity for two things: design and re-purposing. For those new to DJDS, re-purposing is using an item for a secondary purpose. Specifically items that you already have around the house that you’ve already used for the intended purpose. For instance instead of throwing away used candle jars with lids, I clean them out and reuse them for travelariums.

Also, a good friend introduce me to the idea of taking an old door, refinishing it and turning it into a fantastic table. I think the reason I love that “outside the box’ thinking is because it really jump-starts my creative juices.

The images shown are some wonderful repurposing ideas I’ve discovered along the way that I’m glad to share with you. Speaking of sharing, don’t forget to share these wonderful ideas with your Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus networks using the Share This Post option at the bottom of this post.

Creating a Travelarium aka Vacation Keepsake A wonderful repurpose idea!

While on vacation in Florida I had an idea to create a travelarium, my word for a jar displaying special items from a trip…to be used as a travel keepsake or unique souvenir gift that looks great in any home or office. What’s especially great about this idea is its REPURPOSING aspect. I love finding new uses for old things.

Easy, chic & environmentally-conscious. That’s a winning combination.
Here’s a video tutorial of how I created my travelariums so you can too!

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